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Please have trash out by 6:00 a.m. This is the time the driver begins his route, we ask that everyone has their trash out at this time to avoid being missed.

Yes, all trash needs to be bagged.

Yes, we run regular routes on all holidays except Christmas Day. 

Occasionally, we will not be able to run routes due to inclement weather based on the safety of the public and our drivers. When this happens, please refer to our Facebook page for schedule updates.

You can notify the office when you will be out of town to place your service on hold. This will avoid any charges for services not being used.

If you are ending service, please call and notify the office so the account can be ended. Your account will not be ended unless you contact our office.

You can place out more than the limit; however, there is a charge of $3.00 per bag (plus taxes). 

We can pick up miscellaneous items on the route, such as furniture, freon free appliances, lumber and carpet in 4 ft. lengths, and other miscellaneous items. Just call the office at (870) 741-8095 for prices and to schedule the pickup.

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